Cardboard Casing & Stand

Introduction: Cardboard Casing & Stand

Hello from Jakarta, I would like to share about my cardboard casing & stand for my Laser co EB101 e-reader . Almost every time I think about something that doesn't makes me tired to hold the e-reader . Then , I gotta idea to make a plug gable casing to stand , using cheap materials such as : Brown Duct Tape , Cardboard (I have much of this at home) , scissors , and patient . So let's jump to the steps below !

PS : This is my first instructables and sorry if my english was too bad for you .

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Step 1: Prepare the Materials Needed

Prepare cardboard , brown duct tape , scissors and your brain. To make it succesful , please pray first .

It cost me only sweats . Next : 2.Measure Up !

Step 2: Measure Up! ;don't Forget to Cut :)

Time to measure for the casing . My e-reader dimension could be smaller than yours , so I don't want you to confuse , i won't show my e-reader dimensions. But in every length and breadth , you must add at the least of 2 cm of length.I suggest you to trace the length and breadth of your e-reader using pencil/pen/marker/etc.

Cut that you trace using pencil/etc before.

Step 3: Tape It Out ..

To make it sticks , you could use any tape or even the strongest duct tape . Cut as you pull out the tape . After you cut the tape , sitck the end of the tape to the other end (hint : like a long circle shape ) sorry i don't have the picture of the tape but it could look like the 3rd image . After all of that before , you'll need to stick it to the casing till it looks like the 4th and 5th image .

Step 4: Last Step : It's Time to Stand Up ... :)

Now it's time to stand the casing .

1. Tape the top part as shown on first image till you got something like the 2nd image .

2. Tape again. Tape the top and bottom part as shown on 3rd image .

3. Stick the casing to the stand as shown on 4th image .

4. Voila ! This is it , your own personal and cheap casing and stand (it will looks like 5th image)

Note :

1. The stand could be removed from the casing because it is plug gable .

2. You can modify it if you want if it looks bad for you , but this is just okay with me .

3. Don't forget to comment and even adds this to your favorites .......

4. You may critic me , i accept critics .

Regards from Jakarta , Indonesia .

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