Cardboard Cd Rack

This instructable will show you how to make a cd rack that whenever you get a new cd you can just build a new level and stick it in and you have more room for another cd. A fairly quick and easy project to make unless you have a ton of cds then I would put all from one artist on each shelf. If you want to use this for video games just make the shelves wider.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies Needed

You will need the following:

Cardboard, the non corrigated kind is great since its easier to bend into a circle.

Scissors or some way of cutting the cardboard.

Duct tape or hot glue to hold the cardboard together.

Ruler for measuring.

Pencil or pen for doing your measurements.

Step 2: Make the Base Shelf

In this step you will make the first shelf and the base that keeps the upright posts aligned.

First you will want to make a 9 1/2" by 9 1/2" by 9 1/2" triangle. This would have angles of 60 degrees at each angle.

Then draw and cut 3 rectangles with dimensions of 12cm by 6.5cm. Then roll and tape them in the shapes of cylinders the long way so it ends up 6.5cm tall. DO NOT OVERLAP EDGES.

Then cut slits through them near the top of the cylinders. 2 cut lengths should be about 2cm and the other one should be about 3cm long.

Now cut a rectangle 15.5cm by 14.5cm.

Next stick one long end in the longer hole with the hole on the cylinder on the bottom and make sure its centered. Then put the opposite corners in the smaller holes on top. We want to secure them so for the two corner ones fold down the little triangles sticking out and tape them down but for the edge one just tape it.

Now we just tape all the cylinders onto the corners of the base triangle. This is to give us a good stable and straight start at the supports.

Step 3: Add More Levels

To add more levels you need to repeat step two but leave out the triagle base. After that you need to do the following:

Create cone shapes and add them on to the bottom of the cylinders. To do that first cut a retangle the size of the ones used in making the cylinders. Then cut the edges off two sides in an angle. Then just tape it like normal. Next just tape it to the bottom of the other cylinders.

To finish just stack it in the base. And if you want more levels just repeat this step and keep stacking them up. Thanks for viewing my instructable!



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