Cardboard Electric Plane

Introduction: Cardboard Electric Plane

Best ever plane that flies neatly.It is propelled by CD propeller.Supply of electricity is from battery.

Step 1: Making of Propeller

Take a CD cut it as shown in picture.
Take a candle and by using its heat bend the four blade.
The attach CD holder to it.

Step 2: Making Wing

Nothing hard to do but just be sure that the wing is aerofoiled

Step 3:

Step 4:



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    4 Discussions

    I was like: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, What!

    does it fly? ?
    dont seem so :)

    nice job, are there supposed to be more steps? I see step 3 and 4 blank.

    good work on this idea!

    we need a video, this looks pretty cool.!! and way more info if you get a chance