Cardboard Furniture As Apple's Logo.




Introduction: Cardboard Furniture As Apple's Logo.

About: I'm a cartoonist and I really like graphics art. But one of my other hobbies is the DIY's universe and especially cardboard !

I'm "addict" of Apple's products and I also like DIY's projects, especially cardboarding. So, it's logical for me to do one day something linked by these 2 things.

After few small carboarding project, I decided to start a big one, when my favourite Apple's world magazine Icreate proposed a special "Binette" contest for his 100th edition. The aim of the "Binette" pages is to take a photo of you or someone(thing) else with the Icreate magazine and/or an Apple product in a fun situation.

My proposal will be : my two childs with a cardboard furniture as Apple's logo.

Step 1: Plans

First of all, I have prepared my work on SketchUp to adjust the dimensions of all the parts ...

Step 2: The Apple's Pattern and Cut of the Slices

By using my large Imac's screen, I traced the Apple's logo on a big piece of paper and I put it back on a slender stiff cardboard. This one was the pattern of my furniture.

Having assembled several cardboard parts togothe, I drew above the logo by using my pattern.

Slices were then cut with the jigsaw. I didn't photograph the cut of notches and intermediate slices ...

Step 3: Assembly of the Pieces

All the structure of the piece of furniture is realized by assembling the parts cut according to the plan.

The main difficulty consisted in positioning the leaf of the logo with an effect of withdrawal, to give the illusion which it held without support.

Finally the piece of furniture is completed by sticking the bottom, the top and the sides of the internal part. Then the outside with a more supple and shaped cardboard.

Step 4: Finishes

All the piece of furniture is then covered with tissue paper stuck with the varnish stick !

The final photo was sent to iCreate and was classified 37th best photo on 100 of the competition ! :)



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    And your still waiting I guess...

    Me gustaría obtener una imagen para imprimir y recortar las plantillas.
    Gracias por el instructable. Saludos.

    This is great! Is there any way that you could upload a PDF of the templates you used?