Cardboard Halo Master Chief Armour




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hello all! It was book week at my school, so i decided to be master chief (you know from halo: the fall of reach). So i got started and here i am! i hope you enjoy

things you need:
packing tape
card board
paint (green)
paint (yellow)
paint (grey)
paint (white)

Step 1: Upper Arm Armor

first i measured my the top of my arms. Then i made a cardboard roll to fit and it fits like a charm! it Still rubs my arm and hurts!!

Step 2: Lower Arm Armor

Lower arm armor. Basically the same process as before.

Step 3: Helmet

Ok this is a bit tricky. I had to make a bucket and then cut out a face hole.

Step 4: Chest Armor

alright i just made a box to fit my chest then made a plate to go in side to stop it falling down

Step 5: Assault Rifle

this is my assault rifle to go with it.

Step 6: Belt

this i made to cover my wang

Step 7: Paint It!

paint it make it look nicccce



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    16 Discussions


    1 year ago

    the helmat could be better...

    Jeff Nunyez

    2 years ago

    Perhaps a visor too?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Make the armor more detailed by building the armor while looking at a action figure and make the helmet better. No offence. And you should duct tape it. Maybe a bit more expensive but pretty nice looking


    7 years ago on Introduction

    erm, i believe master cheif was in the pillar of autumn, and he was not an active character in the fall of reach

    2 replies

    The video game Halo Reach is not the book the fall of Reach. And the book is all about cheif the game shows him or Kelly at the end.

    i believe he was at the very start and he takes up most of the book he is just as a kid or new spartan-READ THE BOOK- his name is John.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    whaaaa? Hah. master chiefs number is 117 and thats exactly the amount of views for this instructable! thanks everyone for viewing