Cardboard Laptop Stand

Hi! Today I'm gonna show you some pictures of my cardboard laptop stand!
- Simple design
- Green (you only need a ruler, a marker and a cutter)
- Recycling (you can find cardbord almost everywhere, ready to be used in this kind of projects)
- Free!!!



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oh and you can make the stand as larger as you want, this depend's by the size of the laptop you have ;) i'm thinking to build another stand with cooler :D for extra stability of sheets put some glue between them to make a laminar profile ;) sorry for my bad english ;)


7 years ago on Introduction

I like it... It's a really simple design and looks sturdy enough...

Might be an idea to put some measurements in this Instructable, a but apart from that, XD....

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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Agreed - the author could even draw up a template for others to print and follow.

(It would look better as well if the first image was of the finished object.)