Cardboard Monkeys



Since it was hard (and expensive) for me to get to find cool designs for my baby shower, and at the same time something to decorate my boy's room, I decided to make my own not so expensive and very unique cardboard monkeys, I hope this ones be useful for you :)

Step 1: What You Need:

1. Fluorescent Cardboard sheets (at least 3 different colors)
2. Xacto knife or scissors
3. Pencil
4. Sharpie (I chose black for eyes, orange for monkey's nose)
5. mulipurpouse poliestirene/contact glue
6. the design of the monkey you want to make.

Opcional items:

Puncher or stappler and a 2 metter thin cord ( as I made a monkey garland for the babyshower I used them)

Step 2: The Patterns

According to the size you want the monkeys to have, make a pattern in a paper sheet, or cardboard, this will allow you to make many monkeys from one pattern. Draw and cut each pattern, (whether it be with the xacto knife or scissors what fits best for you) I made the face, belly and ears pattern of the same color, as the diaper and the pacifier, depending the ocasion, and baby/child age you can use different colors and mix them.

Step 3: Let's Stick!

glue the patterns, draw the face before sticking the pacifier on the monkeys mouth and there it is ready to go! a good option to decorate your children room, or for a children party.



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