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Because remain some cardboard pieces, from my last instructable, I decide to make some useful thing, not to make more garbage (even if is biodegradable).
Because I nedd a cup support, I want to make more like cut a circle or rectangle from cardboard.

I write less to this instructable, because is very simple, and I repeat some step form last

Why is a green solution? Think if you make more like one piece, for a big companies, with many offices; not only for cup: for pencils, clips, rulers.... All this suport is from plastic materials or metal, and is change frequent (crash or new gift).
Is not only a ecological solutions - is a crisis solutions: replace all nonecological plastic objects with this cheap cardboard (possibly personalized with a green paint). Is not a problem if you throw to trash basket (is biodegradable), but if you trow your plastic suport - this degrades in 150-400 years!!!

Materials and tools:
- remain cardboard pieces, thickness 3,5mm, 240x23mm,
- pencil, ruler
- cutter
- paper glue

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Step 1: Make Project

Fist I make a rapid project, I measure 1 pieces and cut.
I put this piece over other, and draw with pencil cutting shape. Repeat this for all 21 central pieces.

Step 2: Glue and Finish

This step is like Step3on my last instructable: put 2 books perpendicularly, glue every parts and press togeter.

This is all. Now I have a support for my usual tool: coffee cup, pencil and post-it for idea sketch. You can make space for what you nedd.
Is wet - throw to trash and make other in 15 minutes :)

Enjoy and save our planets!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi mwojtylko,
    do not know what glue is Elmer, but you can test on a small piece of cardboard


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Could potentially use elmer's glue (colored or regular) to fill in the pockets and give a more water resistant coating. Love it, and I plan to make it for my girlfriend's office.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love your work - so simple and wonderful design. Some guys like you and we have a green planet again.

    1 reply