Cardboard Plank Painting



Intro: Cardboard Plank Painting

i t's easy to do and crafty

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. old cardboard plank.(at hear i am taking dig size witch is used as tiles holding show plank)
  2. water and oil paint's
  3. pencil and eraser

Step 2: Steps

  • take the plank and draw the out line of a image you want to draw with the pencil.
  • paint the sketch by using paints and be care while painting so that will be now wrong while painting
  • so i had painted my own sketch and painted
  • let it dry for sum time
  • you may add sum details
  • place it where ever you want inside your home.

Step 3: I Have Placed It to the Cupboard in My Home. Thanks for Learning



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