Cardboard Stool

Introduction: Cardboard Stool

Inspired by the many 'nomad furniture' designs out there I have made a very simple stool out of cardboard. They are super easy and cheap to build.

And, having some cardboard handy (for emergency projects!) is useful.

Step 1: Materials

  • Lots of clean cardboard (no cockroaches!)
  • utility knife
  • bungie cord
  • saw (optional)

Step 2: Measure Desired Height

If you have children in the house, you may want shorter stools. I took an existing stool and marked the height directly to the cardboard.

Use a pen/pencil, whatever, to mark and then cut the cardboard.

Step 3: Roll Your Sheets of Cardboard

Once you have a few sheets, go ahead and roll them.

Step 4: Too High? Measure Again and Use Saw

I made a stool for a taller person but found it wasn't being used as much so I measured again and cut it down to a more comfortable height with a wood saw.

Step 5: Roll the Sheets As Tight As You Can and Wrap

You'll want to try and wrap the cardboard as tight as you can or as my grandfather says you'll get too much air conditioning! But, don't worry too much about the gaps in the cardboard. Wrap with a wire or string but I like to use bungie cords(elastic strap with hooks) as I can add or remove more cardboard as needs be.

You can throw paint or color it or put a cushion on top. It's cardboard after all.

Now, give it a sit!



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    1 year ago

    Why not make a couple of simple 3-strand Turk's Heads from 1/4" manila rope, and snug them up on the roll of cardboard?

    I'm doing that today! Thanks!

    when i first read the title i thought i had a great solution: stop eating cardboard, problem solved.

    1 reply

    The pun was only half-intentional. Glad it gave you pause though, enough for a movement to the keyboard... :)

    Very good! Fast, easy, strong, and with a pillow on top -- or even another flat piece or two of cardboard -- it would be comfortable, too. I think I'd like to try a few staples from a staple gun to bind it, but yeah -- a tight bungie cord ought to do the job.

    1 reply

    VERY strong! I'm continually amazed at how much weight can be piled on rolled cardboard. I considered staples but didn't want staples that didn't stick showing up on the floor...