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Introduction: Cardboard Toolbox

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It is very annoying looking for right tool as they are all over workshop. The idea was to made toolbox, which can be mobile and easy to store and find tools. There is many good ideas on Instructables. I picked up ideas from:

My first language is not english so there can be many mistakes in text. For that I apologize.

Step 1: Sketch

To make good looking box you need to make good sketch with measurements. This step is essential, because you can choose right piece of cardboard for every part of toolbox.
I wanted to make different sized spaces. I took measurements of some tools to know how big spaces should be.
To make base walls, you should consider width of cardboard too. One side of walls should be longer for two widths of cardboard. You can see that in step 3.

Step 2: Parts and Material

- cardboard (I picked up thick one, it should last longer)
- duct tape

- sharp knife (smaller for cutting out holes and bigger for cutting out cardboard pieces)
- long streight wood piece or metal piece for cutting in streight line
- ruler and measuring tape
- hot glue gun
- pen
- round object to make holders ( I use tape scroll)

Step 3: Base

This step is pretty simple. First cut out bottom piece. Then u should cut out pieces in correct height for walls. When u got them, markup length of every wall and cut it out.
Height of walls is in my case width of wood piece. It is around 8 cm. When cutting, make sure your knife is sharp!

Step 4: Holders

I decided to make holders, so toolbox can be picked up and carried with no problem.
First you should markup where holes should be. Than use something to make two circles next to your center of holder. Last step before cutting is to connect pick of two circles together.
When cutting be sure, your knife is very sharp. I used smaller knife, because it is better with precision cutting. Be patient with cutting holder out. It can last more than few minutes.

Step 5: Assembly

All the walls and bottom part are finished now. Use smaller pieces of duct tape to tape pieces together. When you are done, tape all edges with duct tape.
I developed a system. I started with longer wall, taping it to bottom part. Then I taped in both shorter walls with holders, as last I taped in last second longer wall. When taping it together u must apply enough pressure to bottom part so edges are smooth.

Step 6: Barriers

Barrier height is a bit smaller than wall height. I made it almost 2 cm smaller.
I got some leftovers from cutting walls. You can start with cutting out cardboard to right height and then to right length. When finished, putt barriers in to see if they fit in. If not, make some modifications.

Step 7: Glueing

I used hot glue to glue all part together. It is not the best glue, but it is cheap, easy to work with and strong enough to last some time.
When gluing barriers in, be sure not to glue down all length of edges. Put in small amount of glue just to hold barriers in place. When glue cools down, apply glue threw all length of edge.
There is not any special way or system of gluing toolbox together. Just make sure it looks nice.

Step 8: Edge Protection

You can easily damage cardboard barriers in walls with throwing tools in or picking them up. You should protect all edges so toolbox can last longer.
Just use some duct tape to tape down all edges. You can also tape down holders because these are structural weak points of toolbox and duct tape will reinforce cardboard.

Step 9: End Product

Finished toolbox is looking pretty good. I am surprised with end result. It is easy to carry it and it got enough space for every tool I got. I must say that choosing thicker cardboard paid off.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like this! It gives me ideas for making drawer dividers, which I've been wanting to do. And I don't think it will sag so much. thanks for this, vonPongrac!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks nice. I wonder how it will hold up under the weight of the heavy tools? Will it sag?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I believe that in time it will sag a little. Tools in there are not particurlarly heavy. That is the reason why I choose thick cardboard which is basically consist of two layer of ordinary cardboard so it is a bit stronger. Only time will show what will hepend.