Cardboard/duct Tape Sniper Rifle

this is my sniper rifle I made it's pretty cool takes 25 to 30 minutes also if you like this please vote thanks.

Step 1:

first make this wrap it up with duct tape I did 2 layers of cardboard

Step 2:

then it should look like this

Step 3:

make this wrap it up with duct tape

Step 4:

attach the to peices then make a scope attach that

Step 5:

cut out the barrel make sure it's thinner then the gun

Step 6:

wrap that with duct tape

Step 7:

attach that then all done! Remember if you like this please vote thanks



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    1 year ago

    Good I LikeThat :D

    Good job! You should maybe consider spending a little more time for the description of pictures, it's a little bit confusing. It's overall awesome, and I'm pondering whether or not I should make one! Voted :)

    1 reply