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Introduction: Cards: Speed


This game is all about speed. Speed of mind, speed of eye, and speed of hand. A loud voice is also handy. This is a two player only game, so get your buddies and compete for skill and mind.

This will be a fast instructable, just like the game of speed calls for. You should be able to learn it in a snap, but don't expect to be pounding pros on your first time ;)

P.S. If anyone can figure out a more interesting cover for this instructable, I would be much. . . Something. I forgot the word. But you know what I mean, so. . .

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Step 1: A Quick Set Up

Put a pair of five card decks on either side of the playing field, and set two singular cards in between the decks. Split the rest of the left over cards in half -- each half should have 20 cards in it (Assuming you don't play with jokers, which nobody does anyway). Each player must take five cards from their designated decks.

Step 2: A Fast Game

Take this time to arrange your cards by value -- you're gonna need it. When you are both ready, each of you must flip the two cards in the center of the field in unison (Or as close as you can get to unison).

From here, you must slam out the cards on what you see -- In a more clear sentence, either of the cards you and your opponent must have a card of equal value, one number up, or one number down placed atop it. It does not matter which flipped card you put it on, but when you do, the new card on top of it is now the new value you must play upon (i.e. put a card of equal value, below, etc.).

Find time to draw enough cards to get your hand back to five cards again.

Step 3: An Obnoxious End

The point of the game is to get rid of all your cards. When you do, slam your hands on the cards and shout (Or calmly say) "SPEED!" And you win. If you do not do this, the other player may finish up the rest of his cards and do the shout, and win. This isn't a prank -- it's actually the way to win. Plus it's just fun to do when you're really into it.

Well, that should be it for me. Take care, and try to rhyme your haikus!


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