Cardstock Haunted Mansion

Introduction: Cardstock Haunted Mansion


Purple, Grey, Black cardstock
Silver Glitter Eyeliner
Double Side Tape
Foam Tape
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Aquarelle Watercolor Paint
Black, Purple markers
Black,Green, Baby Blue, Pink colored pencils
Black Carbon Paper
Black Acrylic Paint
Tacing Paper

I got inspiration by looking at images of ¨haunted houses made from paper¨ that I found on google
I glued the house onto a small whiteboard
I drew the template for all the different house parts based on images
The house is crooked on purpose

     Special Indications
1. After I cut out all the grey house pieces, I used the black aquarelle color to make the pieces darker
2. For the bottom purple pieces, I lightly colored it with a black colored pencil and added streaks of green, baby blue and pink after  that I added random lines with a black marker
3. For the black chimeny I painted white strokes with the aquarelles to give it more textured look
4. The bat is a cardstock cut  out hot glued to a clothespins that I painted black with acrylic paint
5. The foam tape was used to give strategic places a 3D look

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