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Hey y'all Instructablers! TedtheFluffy here and I'm the best engineering fluffygator you'll find ...

This project is a cut and fold project. I assume you all know what that means, but just in case you don’t, it is a project in which you cut out a 2D shape from paper and than fold it into a 3D shape. Unlike origami, Cut and fold projects often resemble blocks, which is why it’s so perfect for Minecraft. Now there is already a papercraft Minecraft that can be purchased, but let’s have fun and build our own.

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Step 1: Before You Start Mining, You Need to Get Designing

The advantage of creating your own is that you can create whichever blocks you would like. For example, I created a burger block. To create the template, create a vertical segment of three identical squares. Than create a horizontal segment of three identical squares perpendicular to the second square in the first segment (refer to the diagram above). In each of these squares, any design can be inserted (even a burger as I did) so have fun and create your own blocks. If you don’t want to, feel free to use my templates.

Step 2: From the Laptop to the Tabletop

Print out these templates (preferably on card stock or anything thicker than paper) and cut each one out. Fold the, as shown above and use hot glue, or tape, or whatever you prefer (I will from now on refer to it as glueing) to secure these blocks together (don’t do the mobs or Steve just yet). Some of you may prefer to have flaps on you cubes and some may not. I have two files for you just in case you wanted flaps or no flaps.

Step 3: Let the Mobs Come Alive

Now comes the fun part. Go ahead and cut out Steve and the mobs (that also includes folding and glueing. Steve and the zombie both have separate arms that can be glued onto the body. When putting Steve together, only glue the shoulder on. There should still be space to wedge something between the hand and body (a pickaxe). The creepers pigs, and cows have separate legs. If you like to make the pig into a windup toy (wouldn’t it be amazing to have a self-moving pig in your display), don’t cut it out yet. If you are still confused on how to build it, refer to the images above.

Step 4: Twist It Up and Let It Go

Now, if you haven’t cut the pig yet, it’s time to make a windup toy. If you already have cut, folded, and glued him, skip this step. Cut out the pig and cut on the black line that is in the pigs side. Than glue everything together except for the back flap. Once everything is finished, push a windup piece into the back of the pig and glue the back on. The twisting part of the windup toy should stick out. When the toy is winded up, the vibration will cause the pig to move sometimes in circles and sometimes forward (its always a surprise).

Step 5: I Pick the Axe

This is probably the most tedious part. Cut out both pickaxes, but don’t separate the. Next, fold one over to the other and glue them together. What you should now have is a double sided pickaxe. By wedging this between Steve’s hand and body, he can now mine! (and the pigs can help too.)

Step 6: Minecart, Not Yours-cart

The minecart consists of two layers, one is just like the normal block with the top missing. The other layer is inside out. When the second layer is inserted into the first, it creates an awesome minecart. Than by taking a toy car apart and using the base, we can make this minecart actually roll. Feel free to draw the wheels on or use an RC car.

Step 7: Get Out There Are Build

Now that you have all these blocks, mobs, and other necessities of Minecraft, go ahead and build the best you can. Above we have some examples of what you can build. Feel free to comment or vote for me. Remember, with TedtheFluffy, you can make a bad day good.

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