Caring for Organic Poultry in Cold Weather. the Case of the Frozen Frizzle


Introduction: Caring for Organic Poultry in Cold Weather. the Case of the Frozen Frizzle

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Case study of our little Frizzle cockerel, who had a stress attack brought on by low temperatures and loss of status in the flock. Some observations on Sebrights and Frizzles and how we use simple organic foods we have at hand in the kitchen cupboard to treat this potentially fatal condition.
For first aid in any case of stress, such as shock from predator attack, fighting, layer stress, agression, extremes of heat and cold and transportation:
A small amount of organic sugar (just enough to cover the end of a teaspoon) dissolved in an egg cup of warm water.
For secondary treatment in bad cases where the bird is unsteady on its feet, gasping for breath and changing colour:
1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil
enough turmeric to cover the end of a teaspoon
grate a brazil nut on a fine grater and just take 6 tiny pieces.
Mix together.
If the bird is still gasping once you have removed it from the stressful situation, do not feed any of the above in liquid form:
feed the sugar by dipping a small piece of fruit into it
dip the coconut oil in its normal solid form into the turmeric and brazil nut and place in the beak - right at the tip.



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