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Thanks for checking back to my weekly blog round up.  I love searching the web to bring you awesome projects and inspiration from other sites and blogs.  Most of the projects I make are inspired by other peoples projects.  So whether you are searching on instructables or another website, think about how you can apply the tips and ideas you see to make your own cool crafts!

Don't forget about the weekly challenge.  I created this challenge to see how cool ideas can be interpreted into DIY projects.  Anyone who participates gets a special patch.  ChrysN was the first to post to the group with Simple Lego Necklace and received a patch!

Step 1: Re-purposing

I have found so many great projects and inspirations on dornob.  Here are 5 awesome Wine Bottle Lamp Projects

Proudly display your baking creations with these professional looking cake stands found on craftynest which has great re-purposing tutorials.


A great re-purposing project doesn't have to be created from your own unused goods.  Consignment shops, thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales have tons of hidden treasures for your re-using pleasure!  Re-nest put together a list of 10-common thrift store finds that you should look out for.

Step 2: Furniture Inspiration

Now for some inspiration - this funky modular furniture which you can purchase from all+ is perfect for a trendy living room.  This mod furniture can be assembled into various arrangements to fit into any space in your home.

I found these before and after furniture stories on design sponge.  Check out how kyla and amber turned their desk chair and stairs to fit into their funky newly decorated office.  Their first project was re-upholstering their boring desk chair with fabric found from marimekko. They also used rulers and yardsticks for the front panel detailing on their stairs.  What a great decoration story!

Step 3: Random Crafting

As the worlds biggest candy fan I completely understand the necessity to create custom travel bags for carrying your candy.  These candy bags may seem like a regular zipper pouch (because they are), but they hold your candy!  Bet you didn't think of using it for that!

Step 4: Electronics

Decorate your wall with LEDs!  These wall circuits are a funky spin on the string wall mural that I talked about in last weeks roundup.   You could decorate chairs, lamps, and a whole variety of surfaces.

Step 5: Weekly Challenge

Every week, as part of this round-up, I want to pose our crafty community a challenge.
Take the inspiration I provide and make your own Instructable from it.
Everyone who participates will get a special patch!

This week's challenge is: Transparent Trends
Watch your toast while its toasting!  Super cool.  For this challenge create a project/product transparent that is not normally transparent.

Once you've made your Instructable, be sure to add it to the Check It Out! Challenge Group, so I'll know to give you a patch.

Previous Challenges :
Wacky Memo Pads. I found these adorable fruit slice memo pads on gallery nucleus while looking for a gift exchange project. There are so many wacky memo pad possibilities!

Lego Jewelry by JacQueline Sanchez
I heard about this high-end lego jewelry from a woman I met at MakeSF event. I decided to check it out. It is beautiful jewelry but I'm a DIYer and I don't think I could shell out this kind of money for something I think I could make myself.

Peel-away wallpaper made by ZNAK as seen on is still open. HINT: think shelf liner, vinyl contact paper, etc...

I can't wait to see what you make!

Step 6: Get Involved!

The Sketch Book Project - Thousands of sketchbooks filled by artists across the country will be exhibited at galleries and museums as they tour around the country.  In the end all of the sketchbooks will be on permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library.

How you can participate:
1. Purchase a moleskin notebook through the Art House Co-op, pick a theme to decide the content of the sketchbook.  Your sketchbook will be filled by artists as it tours the country. 
2. Check the list of tour dates to find out when the exhibition will be near you!



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    10 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 5

    i've got the idea, but no the cash to do it. The idea is make something like Dyson Air Multiplier stuff ( in a small size and then put a resistance of a hair dryer in some glass walls and then you got it.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    the same could be used to create self refridgerated soda cans


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like your weekly roundup. Well written, sleek things shown. Keep up the good work!

    3 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I never really liked writing in school, but I really like writing about things that interest me. How great and sleek looking is that toaster. Ironically my nickname in high school was toast. It started out at carlitos, then carley toast, then just toast, random fact about me.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    But where did carlitos come from? And why are there two ending -y- ?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Carlitos came from a spanish soap opera we watched in spanish class in high school. The double y came from me thinking it would be cool to add an extra y??


    8 years ago on Step 1

    Funny, when you click the link of the wine bottle thing. You'll see that the last picture of the lighted bottles with the picture of Elvis is actually the front picture of an instructable here!

    Everything comes back to instructables ;)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    whens i made lego necklaces patches did;t exist.. and my mom sed i was stupid.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    you should mention my blog some week im sure youll get lots of ideas from there :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Those wine bottle torches look like something I might need to incorporate into wedding plans. . . .