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Introduction: Carleyys Blog Round Up - September 6th

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Welcome back to school and back to my blog round up!

This week has been particularly strange for me.  It is the first year since preschool that I am not participating in the back-to-school prep time that comes with the beginning of every school year.  This absence is even more prevalent since I am visiting my Alma mater, Union College, which I graduated from last year.  Although it is hard to watch my friends move back to campus, it has made me more excited about entering the real world.  I have enjoyed telling people about my job at instructables (more like bragged about it every second I can!). I have showed my friend the projects I am working on; one of them joked with me saying, "but when will you find the time to do the things you love?"

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Step 1: Random Crafting

Dyed Fungus!  I found this tutorial on Supernatural for dying Turkey Tail fungus.  I was intrigued by this because I couldn't imagine what purpose dyed fungus would serve.  The author says she plans to combine the mushrooms with felt to make pincushion and is hoping to incorporate them into brooches.  What a cool integration of nature and fashion!
Keep your life organized and artsy with these decorated plastic bags.  Sometimes its these simple ideas that make

Step 2: Recession Design

Recession Design is a group of artists, carpenters, and designers who have collaborated to create an annual exhibit of simple do-it-yourself projects using basic materials that are easy for the average person to come by. 

The 2010 exhibit “Not At Home” will present work which explores project environments such as the office, school, and outdoors...

Best of all, they put together a simple instruction manual on how to recreate their projects that is open for you to view!

Step 3: Furniture Repurpose

Re-purposed Orphaned Drawers: These gorgeous re-purposed pieces of furniture come from individual draws that are united to make dressers, cabinets, and other storage units.  I found this handmade furniture from the Hamburg Gallery on Apartment Therapy.

Step 4: Working With Paint

Paint can be used to decorate, revive, and detail your home.  Sunset magazine has listed out 10 Ways to Redecorate with Paint.  In this example they show how a splash of green paint unexpectedly highlights the white bar stools.  You could use this technique to subtly accent any part of a room.

Step 5: Weekly Challenge

Every week, as part of this round-up, I want to pose our crafty community a challenge.
Take the inspiration I provide and make your own Instructable from it. Everyone who participates will get a special patch!

This week's challenge is: Stuffed Animal Clothing

Inspired by the outrageous costumes of Lady Gaga, including her Hello Kitty Dress and Kermit the Frog get up, create your own clothing and accessories out of stuffed animals.

Once you've made your instructable, be sure to add it to the Check It Out! Challenge Group, so I'll know to give you a patch.

Previous Challenges :

Multi-Purpose Storage:  This table has three uses: it can be a simple coffee table, it can store books, and the top flaps can pop out to be used as a TV dinner stand.. For this challenge build a piece of furniture or re work a part of your room or closet to elegantly store as much as possible while serving multiple purposes.

Under Armor: Under armor is correct! These industrial intimates created by Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch are made out of all sorts of metals from recycled aluminum cans, stainless steel mesh, rivets, grommets, hooks, and more. For this challenge, fabricate your own garments out of found metals!

Unique Clocks: I have seen some really unique clocks on instructables. I thought this clock make from a recycled bicycle could be inspiration to make some unique clocks from found objects.

Visit the Challenge group to see the rest of the previous challenges.

I can't wait to see what you make!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It's amazing how much this dyed fungusg look like malachite. If you're not familiar with this beautiful gemstone (semi-precious; it's a copper-based stone), google it and you will see what I mean.