Carmaboard: Carmageddon Board Game

Introduction: Carmaboard: Carmageddon Board Game

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Build your own Carmageddon board game to play! Includes papercraft Carmageddon cars (eagle and hawk) as pawns!

A player can win the game by one of the following conditions:
- Finishing the race by completing 3 laps
- Killing all pedestrians (the total amount of coins there are)
- Damaging each other beyond repair (max. 5 damage)

Design your own maps with the board cards, so each time you play you will have a different map with its own features like many damage squares, few pedestrian squares etc.

The game is scalable: You can print as many cards as you like and create more cars for more players.

Change the rules to give a little twist to your game: for example more pedestrians, less maximum car damage, less/more checkpoints/laps or more repair costs.

How to build and play Carmaboard is included in the manual!

>>> Download Carmaboard here <<<

You will need pepakura to open the .pdo files!
Download pepakura here:

Step 1: Build the Cars

- Open the .pdo files and print your papercraft Carmageddon cars to be used as pawns.
- Cut them out, fold them (- - - = mountain fold | -- - -- = valley fold) and glue them together.

Note: The big spikes are double sided and the ends are folded outwards so you can glue them to the car.

Step 2: Dice

- Get one dice from another board game or you can print, cut and fold one with the pepakura (.pdo) file. Just like the previous step.

Step 3: Print & Cut the Cards

- Print and cut out the Boardcards, Playercards and money (monopoly money can also be used)
- Print the manual

and it should look something like this.

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