Carnelian Ring

A ring with a Carnelian stone in the center, made in my Jewelry I class.
-20 gauge wire
Sand paper: hard and soft
Buffing compound
Solder: 1, 2, 3

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    8 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful! I must point out, however, that this is more appropriate for Pinterest because it's not an Instructable.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I understand coarse and fine sandpaper, even garnet, flint and emery sandpaper, but never hard and soft...

    Which solder number is hard, soft and medium?

    Only one buffing compound?

    Could you show a side view? Without doming the sides, even 18 gauge silver is going to look a little thin.

    Sorry, professional comment-I repair jewelry for a living.

    2 replies

    My apologies, the proper names would be coarse and fine sandpaper.
    1=Hard (Takes the longest time to melt)
    3=Soft (Takes the shortest time to melt)

    I used 3 buffing compounds: Orange, White, and Red
    Wheels: Small hard and soft (felt, circular) and I finished with a large buffing wheel.

    At this moment in time, the ring is in a different state with the current owner who I made it for. I'll see if she can take a picture of the side view and send me a copy.

    Hope that this helps! =)

    Very nice :) Is this your first project? It looks like you did a good job setting the stone. I like your design, very Romanesque.

    Not to sound like some uppity troll or anything, but if you plan to continue to make jewelry it is advisable to learn the nomenclature. Silver solder is hard, medium and EASY. "Soft" solder refers to low temp tin based solders that are used with soldering irons. Also, did you use sterling silver for all of your elements, or did you use fine silver for the bezel? It looks to be fine silver, but photos can be deceiving. The difference being that sterling bezel is very stiff and doesn't mold to the stone very well.

    Best of luck in your future projects- silver is a challenging medium, but very rewarding :D