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My husband is in the military. Which means that he makes a huge mess with his shoe polish often. This Instructable will completely remove shoe polish (or any other type of oily substance) from your carpet completely in just 10 minutes, safely! Yippie for house wives that love hot rods!

Step 1: K&N Air Filter Cleaner- Go Get It!

For all you car people like me, you might have a K&N Air Filter Cleaner bottle hanging around. If not, go to the auto parts store and ask the person behind the counter for a K&N Recharger (filter care service kit). I think it is under $12, and it will last you forever.

Step 2: Finger Painting- If Only My Mom Had Let Me Years Ago...

Now, I have done the unthinkable to this carpet, just to prove that I mean business! And by the way, I rent this house from my from my mom! Brew Ha Ha! .

Step 3: Spray and Wait

Spray the spot well till it is completely wet with the Filter Cleaner. Make sure you grab the filter cleaner and not the oil from the kit.

Let the spot sit for 10 minutes after spraying. Do not rub the spot... you will make it bigger... just spray and then wait 10~ So, set your timer and can have your floor back soon!

Step 4: Its Time

DING! Time to BLOT....also known as dabbing. That is what you are going to do. DO NOT RUB.... you could make the spot bigger. Get plenty of napkins or what ever you have and dab/blot away. The spot should be coming up. Make sure to keep the napkins fresh as you go.

Step 5: Last Dab and GONE!

AMAZING! The spot is completely gone! My Mom would never believe that shoe polish was ever on the carpet! This stuff works on old or new oil stains from my experence. IF there is still a stain- have a secong go at it...or spray it and leave it over night with a damp cloth over it. It will be gone with a few dab in the morning! It has always worked wonders for me!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing! Have you tried theK&N Cleaner & Degreaser? I wonder if it's the same stuff?

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I bet it is! If it can go on a K&N filter, then it should be carpet safe. I would never use other degreaser products. I used to clean the underbellies of aircraft years ago.... and  most of it will melt the rubber off your shoes if your not careful. Mean Green didnt get its name for being nice! :-)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I can't wait to try it on about 20 huge oil stains I made from stepping on a tube of industrial grease and walking around on my flagstone patio :{
    I tried to clean it with Muriatic acid and that didn't do the job so I was really happy to find your instructable. A product that cleans the underbellies of aircraft sounds like just the ticket! Thanks again! :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Why don't you just buy your husband some desert boots. The only branch I know that still wears black boots is the Air Force. Which explains why you said "military" instead of the Branch he is in. :-)

    2 replies

    Good Point! He is in the Navy. I used to say that the Navy Boot Camp should be called "Shoe Camp" nowadays. But the Navy is going to BDU's very soon for their utility uniform.

    I dont know if the navy gets the tan boots, but If they did he would tear up your washing machine trying to wash them.