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Introduction: Carrot Bullets

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Carrot bullets is a best savoury snack.This recipe quietly differ from pakora style because i havent add onion into this.I assure you your kiddo will love the recipe.Best evening snack with hot tea

Step 1: Ingredients:


Carrot-2 (grated)

Ginger-2 inch(finely chopped)

Green chilly-1(finely chopped)

Cumin seed-1tsp

Coriander leaves(chopped)

Besan flour-3/4 cup

Salt and oil as required

Step 2: Instructions:

1. Wash and peel the carrots.Grate them and transfer to the bowl,Finely chopped ginger,green chilly,coriander leaves

2. Add all the ingredients along with besan flour,corn flour and salt.Remember dont add water the carrots have already moisture so mix them properly

3. Now make them as bullet shape

4. Take a pan add oil for deep fry

5. Once the oil heats drop the bullets one by one into the oil,cook in a medium flame

6. Cook in a medium flame,after 5 minutes slowly turn to the next side,Cook until it turns golden brown color

7. Now its ready to serve

Step 3: Final Output:

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