Carrot Cake Design




Introduction: Carrot Cake Design

This is a cake for my sister's birthday. Carrot cake has always been her favorite and this year we wanted to make it memorable.

For this instructable you will need:

* Carrot Cake
* Cream cheese frosting
* Small, whole carrots
* Marzipan
* Cocoa Powder

Step 1: Assembly

After the cake cooled, we sliced and staked the tiers. We wanted to have as many layers as possible but it's up to you. We then spread cream cheese frosting between each of the layers and over all of the surfaces.

Step 2: Bunnies

Now what would a carrot cake be without some bunnies hiding among the carrots? For this step you will need Marzipan and anything you want in order to color the bunnies. I used cocoa powder to create the brown coat on the one.

If you have sculpting experience great! You'll want to channel it in this step. To make the bunnies, I first rolled the Marzipan into balls of varying sizes. One large (for the body), one medium (for the head), and five rather small ones (for the feet and cotton tail). For the ears, I rolled a rather triangular piece of Marzipan. Arrange the ears however you like, any way you choose will create character for the bunny. After creating the shape of the bunny, I then added some details. First, I used a toothpick to create toe imprints in the feet. For the ears, I also used to toothpick to create a line in the middle.

As I mentioned earlier, you can add color to the Marzipan. For these bunnies, I left one the natural Marzipan color and for the other I used cocoa powder to turn him chocolatey brown. Just pour some of the powder on some of the Marzipan and roll it in your hands until the color is distributed.

Now for the carrot forest!

Step 3: Decorating

And now you're ready to decorate the cake! After preparing the carrots, slice them in half or at whatever height you would like them to have. Insert a toothpick into the carrot then place in on the cake. The toothpicks are necessary for holding them securely in place. Arrange the carrots and bunnies as you wish. You can also add more detail to the setting such as leaving stray carrots around that the bunny has dug up. And there it is, a carrot cake with character!

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