Carry Liquid Anywhere

Introduction: Carry Liquid Anywhere

About: I live in India. I am a student and I like to make any kind of stuff.

this is a small DIY. With the help of this, you can carry a small amount of liquid.This very helpful for travelling as you can carry your liquid medicine in it instead of carrying the whole can also carry shampoo and conditioner.

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Step 1: Gathering the Material


1)A straw

2) a lighter or a match

3) a plier

Step 2: Sealing One Side

take the one end and hold it with a plier with some of the straw still left outside.

Now take the lighter and burn off the small end.this will seal it off.

Step 3: Filling It

you can fill it with the help of a syringe or whatever is convenient for you.

Step 4: Finishing It

now seal the other end like we did the first end.

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