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Hello ! this is the instruction of the iris hinge assembly for my lasercut iris box.

You can download it on Thingiverse :

For one box, you will need :

  • x5 M3 10mm screws,
  • x5 M3 12mm screws,
  • some wood glue.

In this instructable, i will make a small model for example.

Step 1: Organize the Layers

There are four layers for the hinge :

  1. The rotating top,
  2. The petals,
  3. The rails part,
  4. The spacers (just here to have a nice length for the screws) .

Step 2: The Petal Hinges

Align and glue the 5 spacers on the holes of the rails part. Screw the 10mm screw in there. There is 4mm of screw that are poking out, it will be used to make the petals pivoting.

Step 3: Fix the Rotating Top

Add the 12mm screws on the curved rails up to the holes of the rotating top. don't screw it entirely, leave some space, so it can slide without be stucked.

Step 4: The Box

Put all the slats on the bottom.

It may be difficult, so be patient. Don't forget not to put glue next to the rails, it could stuck the mechanism.

Well done ! your box is nox finished ! Make sure to open/close your box a few times at the beginning to unstuck it.

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Question 7 months ago on Step 2

I bought the M3-.5 pan head 10mm & 12 mm screws but they are too fat for the holes.
did anyone else have this problem? Or did I buy the wrong screws?


Tip 1 year ago

Very nice I am goint to make one tonight I think. You need to add air assist to your laser, it will prevent scorching and smoke stains.

akcoderWaste Of Space

Reply 1 year ago

They are on thingiverse


1 year ago

To assemble the slats I lined them up against a straight edge then taped them all together with masking tape. That makes it much easier to get the slats installed in the bottom and top assembly. Great project i like how these look and operate thanks for sharing.


1 year ago

Really great, thanks for sharing!

Is the wood 3mm? I hope so, my laser can't cut more than this :-)

3 replies

Reply 1 year ago

the wood is 3mm as the length of screw is 10 mm and three layers of MDF was added with a 1mm excess this means that the thickness of the MDF is 3mm