Carter's Lasercut Tank - KV-1 (motorizable)




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Here is the tutorial to assemble the KV-1 model i made. the final model is about ~1/18 scale (about 37 cm long).
You will need :

  • 20x 40mm Ø3mm screws with 2 nuts per screw (40 bolts then)
  • 6x 20mm Ø3mm screws with one nut per screw (only 2 screws can be enough)
  • 2x Ø3mm 50-60mm long rods

The tank is available here :

A hollow space has been made at the rear of the tank to provide some motors for the wheel-drive. However, the space is a bit too small...

Step 1: The Frame

Begin with the internal frame. i use some triangle shaped scrap to wedge the screw supports (see photos). I put the sheets all around the frame then.

Step 2: The Backside Curves

Make sure to not have a final space between the two frames.

Step 3: The Sides

We will fix them later.

Step 4: The Rear Trapdoor

Step 5: The Turret

I give you the choice to put some decals on the sides, or not.

Also, ou can choose the gun position on the back side between, on the left, the middle, or no gun at all. The real tank had the gun on the middle.

Step 6: The Details

Step 7: The Wheels

Use the two rods for the drive wheels.

Step 8: The Tracks

This part can be long. Do not forget to make two tracks of course ;)

Step 9: The Chests

Fix it to the fenders with some double sided tape instead of wood glue, it will be easier if you want to remove them.



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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Excellent work!

    Hope to see more masterpiece like this!


    1 year ago

    What material and what thickness are made by machine? I think the material thickness of 2.25 mm or am I wrong? Different parts of the machine are made of material the same thickness?


    1 year ago

    excellent piece of art buddy , specially the moving tracks , how strong they are ? do you have idea about how to make the robust and reliable metal or non metal tracks ?is it possible, to mount DC motor and Arduino shield to move these device ?



    1 year ago

    Those tank treads are awesome! Are you going to try and hook up a motor?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    it will be a bit difficult the space is not large enough :/