Carton Cardboard Art

Cardboard carton boxes can be used in a huge number of ways like...

Functional Cardboard Chair.
Custom Camera Box from cardboard.
Mario Candy Box Dispenser.
Batman Cardboard Lampshade
Cardboard Lumber
Cardboard highway.
Cardboard Wall-E.
Cardboard Coin Bank
Cardboard coffee table.
Cardboard Furniture collection.
Cardboard decorations.
cardboard solar lamp.
Cardboard T-Rex.
Cardboard cat to make your real life animal go WTF.
Cardboard Construction Kit
Stay organised with a cardboard waste tower. Easy, cheap and effective.
Cardboard chainsaw, now all I need is a cardboard hockey mask.
Cardboard Treasure Chest
That's one huge hammer made from cardboard.
Pencil holder made out of cardboard. I'd like to stab it.
Cardboard Tool Box. Are you as good with your hands as you think?
Geometric Cardboard Lamp
One lamp and several different cardboard shades.
Cardboard laptop organiser and stand.
Spring from cardboard.
A stylish and inexpensive notebook made from cardboard.
Computer form cardboard.
Carton wallet from a juice box.
Cubbies made form cardboard.