How to Photoshop a Cartoon Character

Introduction: How to Photoshop a Cartoon Character

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Hey guys in this Photoshop Tutorial we are going to learn how to cartoonize yourself or another image by creating a cartoon effect. To do this we will be using the Pen Tool & Brush Tool.

Step 1: Cartoon Effect - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Once in the Photoshop Interface, drag and drop the image which you wish to use or click file, new and set the width and height to the same as the image you will be using an press OK. Unlock the image to a layer by double clicking in the layers panel and pressing OK. Right click and create a new layer on top. Select the new layer
Click on the Pen Tool and begin to draw around the outlines of the image. To learn how to use the pen tool see the tutorial below. Pen Tool Tutorial

Once you have selected the outlines of the image right click on your selection and choose stroke path, with the pre defined settings already in just press OK. Make sure that the thickness is around 5px and the foreground colour is set to black and the hardness is on 100%. The idea is to get a solid black line around the edges making sure that it is not too thick. Once completed, do the exact same for the facial features and other details for example clothing and so on but when you fill the selections use a slightly thinner line to distinguish features individually. I would advise doing all of the Pen Tool work on one layer, and once all of the lines are in place right click again (using Ctrl) and delete path. Add a new layer on to then go over to the brush tool and hold Alt and left click to find the colours for the face and body etc. Fill with a base colour ignoring any shading or blending for now. Next add a new layer on top and select the Pen Tool again and create an outline which joins back to the original point. This will be the area we use for shading, ( bear in mind the direction of light and use this as your guide hiding any contour lines within the original black outlines if you have to) Once happy drag the layer to below the outline layer go back to your image right click and select fill sub path using the foreground colour and press OK. Next to give it a shading effect you want to adjust the opacity above the layers panel to find the perfect tone. Make sure that the foreground colour is set to the same colour as the area you are editing by pressing Alt and left click. Also on the shading Layer set it to multiply.

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