Cartoon Eyes (Easter Eyes)




Introduction: Cartoon Eyes (Easter Eyes)

Have you ever realised that cartoon's eyes, unlike yours, are usually not ROUND (and they quite never are).
They rather are oval or shaped like an egg !!

So let's make some EYES !

Origin of this:

You might wonder how I thought about it.
Originally, I wondered what would be Twin-eggs, and figured out it had nothing special except looking like eyes.
So I took my permanent marker to add pupils and eyebrows!

Follow the process to make some for yourself!

For this Instructable you'll need.

* Two Eggs ( of course ) and maybe more if it comes that you break one in the process.
* Some Super-glue (I used loctite)
* A permanent marker.
* Thin thread (to hang eyes in the air).
* A cutting disk attached to a rotating tool (it goes without saying I used a Dremel)
* Fine Sand Paper ( Mine is P280, but I don't know if it's the same standard everywhere. Anyway very fine grit ! )
* A bit of patience and delicacy !

That's all!


Step 1: Cutting the First Egg

This step is quite simple
  1. Choose the position of your eyes.  mine are vertical
  2. Imagine a plane that intersect the egg close to the other one.
  3. Cut along this plane with your Dremel

Be careful when cutting, you don't risk much, but your egg do.

You have to erode the shell, but not to cut the small skin under it.

Otherwise it gives freedom to the white to leak, and as the rotating tool is just over, it'll splash everywhere.

When cut enough, lay your egg on a stand made of rolled Blu-tac.
Otherwise, the egg will roll and spill everywhere.

Step 2: Emptying the Egg

The title says everything, yet, I have a few tips for you.
  1. The skin will hold both parts of the shell together.
  2. To remove the small part use a fine tip (screwdriver) and lift it.
    Do not pry, you would jeopardise the main part.
  3. If the yellow is hard to come out of the shell, it's because no air is going in the shell to take it's place.
    You can help by blowing between yellow and shell or by inserting a stick.
  4. Wash and dry inside the eggshell.
  5. Eat the egg after!

Step 3: Rectify the Opening

Rectifying the opening is important to be able to glue both shells.
  1. Take your Sand paper and lay it on a very plane surface.
                           If there is any accident, it'll break the shell
  2. Sand the edges smoothly by making big circles.
                           Don't press too hard, it'll break, but make large moves.
  3. You know it's done when the edges are plane and even.

Step 4: The Second Cut

The second cut is the same as the first one with only one difference.
  1. You don't choose the plane to cut, it's imposed by the first one.
  2. Match the first egg on the second one and mark it's footprint with a pencil.
  3. Then cut a little bit smaller to compensate the pencil's thickness. (always prefer smaller, you can enlarge after if too small)

Step 5: Stick Eggshells Together

Now your eggs perfectly match,
stick them together with Superglue.

Be smart, you only have one try. It sticks quite well!

Step 6: Decorate

Here you have full liberty!

Take your permanent marker and draw!

Step 7: Attach a Wire

It's interesting to hang these eyes because they hardly stand right on a table (and so we don't see these are eyes.)
  1. Take a thread
  2. Put a blob of Super-glue on it
  3. Insert the blob between the two eggs at the top.
  4. Cut the excess of wire (I tried and failed to burn it).

Step 8: Gallery

Et voila!

You have made marvellous CARTOON EYES !

Don't forget you have two sides!!
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