Cartridge Refilling and Refurbishing

Introduction: Cartridge Refilling and Refurbishing

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Basically by making this instructable, I want to let you know about how can you refurbish your old cartridge. This method is also applicable if your refilling is failing i.e any color is not coming out. Many times foam becomes wet much after several refills that it does not print. I did not find any way to make my cartridge work and hence I did this on experimental basis and succeeded. So if your cartridge is bot working after refilling or colors are mixed or quality is much poor then use this method. Furthermore remember that if your head is worn out that quality will not be effected. But colors will come out. Use best quality to print. Now please check the print of Black, red, blue and yello box and continue reading to make it look correct.

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Step 1: Tools Required

Follwing things will be required for refurbishing/ refilling:

One flat screw driver
Bottles of inks (black, magenta, cyan, yellow)
4 x syringes
Ink priming tool
Cloth, gloves, and place where you can afford mess of ink.

Step 2: Open Cartridge

Basically I have HP 61 and HP 60 cartridge. And no ink was coming out. Check out the print of four colors (image).

Open cartridge from top with the help of screw driver and hammer. Insert screw driver at top of cartridge and slowly hammer it untill it breaks from there. Do it at every place of cartridge. Make sure to open it with care as this cap is required to be fixed again.

Step 3: Remove & Wash Foams

Now remove the foams of cartridge and and wash them with water so that all ink flows out. Then wash whole cartridge with water thoroughly. Not with pressure.

Step 4: Dry Foam and Cartridge

Let the cartridge and foams dry under sun or drier completely. Make sure that not even a drop of water remains.

Step 5: Refill Cartridge

When foams are dried put them back in cartridge as they were before. Try to use old directions. Now refill the foams from top using syringe. Make sure fill only half of the foam. Put the cap back or close it with electrical tape. Now use priming tool to suck ink from cartridge head so that inks starts flowing properly. Make sure use separate syringe for each cartridge.

Step 6: Place the Cap and Install

Now clean the head of cartridge. And whole cartridge. Put it back in printer. Print any document with all colors. And check that you are having all colors back again. Check out my test print, its taken on rough page. Although quality might not be perfect but at least this will bring back your printer to life and you can have normal quality prints by setting printer to highest quality.

Next time whenever I will wash my cartridge i will make a video and will share.. Enjoy and give me your feedback! Thanks..

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    4 years ago

    Great work.. Can you tell me almost how much in is required for each color in Hp61 color cartridge and similarly for the black cartridge?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great idea. Cartridges are so darn expensive to get new ones!