Carve Crochet Needles/hooks

hey what's up everybody.3rd instructable here.

Step 1: Materials

dried twig or stick.

i used bamboo marshmallow sticks

whittler knife or saw

Step 2: Saw and Cut

cut stick as long as desired.Get a wooden chopstick and cut off any tapered ends so that it is of uniform width. Cut to a suitable length (you can use a sturdy pair of scissors).

2.Whittle the length of the chopstick to just a bit bigger than the width you need.

3.Make a notch near one end of the chopstick and whittle it out into a crochet hook shape.

Step 3: Use.




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    2 years ago

    I make my own crochet hooks too and I would add that the whole thing should also be sanded as smooth as possible. Starting with 220 grit and working down to at least 600 or so. Then a light coat of shellac and another fine sanding.