Carved Bone Skulls From Bone Scraps (+Video)




Introduction: Carved Bone Skulls From Bone Scraps (+Video)

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This Instructable is a sequel to thisone

Here's a simple project that puts to use some of the scraps a butcher generates. You can also use the real beef bone dog bones that PetsMart sells.
I recommend getting the bone from someone who owns dogs that chew on them (finding them in their yard) or talking to a local butcher. Personally, I get an infinite bone supply from my neighbor's woods. Her dogs consume an enormous amount of treats, and I find the leftover bones buried amongst the conifer needles.

These little bone carvings make great necklaces, charms, and trinkets. If you tea-dye yours like I did here, they will have an natural aged quality that is irresistible to surfers, beach bums, and tourists :D

I have a blog, here !

Step 1: Video 1/2

Ok, I had to go fast with this one. I make these skulls by the dozen, so speed is important.
Notice that I use pliers to hold the bone piece. When you cut stuff this small, you should NOT have your hands close to the blade!
Bandsaws are finger-eating machines of death, so try to stay at lease 4 inches away from the blade!

The pliers I use are 'bionic'. They have an organic feeling gripping claw, and I can actually feel how hard I grab the workpiece because of an internal spring-thing-component. They're called Robo Grips, and these are essential to anyone who carves with a bandsaw.

Sorry for the low quality video. I've been having software compressors and editing software are having some issues LOL

Step 2: Video 2/2

Towards the end of this video, you'll notice that my sanding drum was sliding down...this is due to that fact that is was probably 24 degrees F last night...
The cold causes shrinkage in the black rubber gasket, and this loosened the drum. I don't believe that it's supposed to happen, but it happens to me all the time...

The tools I use in order are:
-Large drill bit (1/4?)
-Small drill bit (1/8?)
-Dremel endmill (1/8?)
-Sanding wheel 1.5"

Step 3: Dyeing

Ok, the dying process is the same for this 'ible as it was for the other one.

Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1/4 cup dry powdered instant tea. Mix it up gently and put your bone skull in it for about 5-24 hours.

The vinegar dissolves the top layer of calcium and impregnated those cells with tea. After the bones have soaked in the dye, fish them out and GENTLY rinse them. The dye won't be very stable until the bone is completely dry.



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    i love bone jewelry! i dont wear jewelry but i love to make it, if you like this, show it to some of ur friends oh and vote for my instructable :)

     I try to sell them. It's more of a hobby...I have piles of necklaces everywhere :D
    I live in Michigan, so art isn't really in demand. People are too busy trying to afford food and electricity LOL

    oh, lol - I read the other one and wondered where you might be from xD
    I too am a Michigander :D

    Ever made bone rings out of anything? An 'ible on that would be fantastic.

    LOL I live in Traverse city, what part do you live in?
    I've never made any rings, but I'll try it today. I'd never thought of that before!

    I live over in Rochester Hills, so a good deal away xD

    I've been itching to try making bone rings out of long bones like leg bones and such (Deer?) just cut with a saw or something then smoothed down. If you do it, definitely post an 'ible :p

    hey im a little late but i was searching michigan to see if there were any other members near me and this came up. You said you lived in rochester hills ME TO. i can't beleive another member lives in my city. funny. but what part of rochester do you live in. BTW do you have any experience in making airguns, spudguns and stuff cause I need help from some one who knows alot cause i have two major problems that stop me from making my guns any better. So do you have any experience in that field?

    I actually moved out to Oxford since I posted that comment xD

    Sorry to say, I don't have a ton of experience with that :/

     uh...I think you could make these with a Dremel. Short of that, you could make them out of polymer clay :)

    Polymer clay sounds interesting, never heard of that before, but I think I'll try finding/digging out my dremel from the closest. 

    If you haven't heard of polymer clay, you should research it. It's an amazing material, and is pretty common at most craft stores.

    That's awesome, very nice instructable, and the results are so cool!