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From wood fire to Carving Mallet, a trip with only hand tools and fire.

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Step 1: Preform

After choosing a good log, I remove the bark with axe and saw it

Step 2: Roundig

I clamp it (with high tech instruments). Cleaning and rounding with Restaured hand plane and ergonomice with spokeshave

Step 3: Finish

For the finish, I use fire and Homemade beeswax and olive oil

Step 4: The Result

A travel from a tree to a hand tool

I hope you like it, you can see more on

The Wood Eater YouTube Channel

Step 5: The Video

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    Wood Eatercolt1005

    Reply 2 years ago

    For a mallet the hardest wood you have is the better. In this case I use apple tree wood from rough pruning because I want to make all process from the tree to the workbench