Carving an Intricate Pumpkin




Introduction: Carving an Intricate Pumpkin

The internet is FULL of talented artists making great pumpkin patterns. They may look a little threatening at first, but with the right materials and a bit of patience, anyone can do it!

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Step 1: Select Your Pattern

This particular pattern came from I then cut a piece of Saral Transfer Paper which helps me get the pattern onto the pumpkin. I find that the blue paper works best.

Step 2: Trace on the Pattern

Tape a piece of transfer paper and the pattern on to the pumpkin. Using a pen, go over ALL the lines you see. All the gray pieces will be cut out. I like to do this BEFORE gutting the pumpkin as it get more difficult to transfer a pattern when its all gooey.

Step 3: Finalize the Pattern

Once you are done tracing, I go over it one more time in pen so it stays permanent. Now when you are carving, you won't wipe any of the design off accidentally.

Step 4: Gut the Pumpkin

Using a large scoop, take out the majority of the guts and seeds.

Step 5: Thin the Walls

Using a drill with the Pumpkin Gutter bit, I thin the walls making it much easier for me to carve. If you don't have this bit, just thin it more with your scooper.

Step 6: Start Carving!

Now it's time to cut all those lines. Start from the center with the SMALLEST pieces first. Also, try not to push through the pieces until you cut every piece. This will help to keep the integrity of the pumpkin in check. The weaker the pumpkin is, the tougher it is to carve.

Step 7: Wash It Out!

Push through all the pieces that you cut. I do it from the inside out which helps to avoid breaking the pieces you want to keep in tact. Then, give the pumpkin a nice rinse.

Step 8: Light It Up

Finally, add a candle to your pumpkin and light it up. Show all your friends your new masterpiece.

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    3 years ago

    Very impressive! Thanks for the great tutorial :-)


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    Excellent work, looks really good! Thanks for sharing and welcome to Instructables :)

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    That looks awesome. The level of detail is really impressive.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!