Cassette Case Phone Stand

Intro: Cassette Case Phone Stand

I needed a phone stand because i use my phone as my alarm clock. This is a no cost method that works just as good as any you can buy. And you can jazz it up to look just a good as well.

you will need-

One old case

a cutting tool (I used a dremel)

Paint or whatever, if you want

Lets get started.......

Step 1:

One old case. If you dont have one, thrift stores throw them out every day. Or you can even still buy them, but that kinda puts the kibosh on the whole no cost thing.

Step 2:

Open it and cut out where I outlined it. You will want to take it apart to do this. Dont go to the peg that holds it together.

The plastic they use is brittle, so dont try to clip or break the piece off. If you cut the two long sides manually, score across the bottom real good before you try to break it off.

Step 3:

Put it back together, open it all the way and mark the overlap. Then cut out the overlap.

Step 4:

Take a file or sandpaper and smooth out the cuts. Paint or whatever you prefer. Or dont.

Step 5:

And there you have it. Also makes a great travel case that you can put your cord or whatever in. And if you lose or break it, no big deal.



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    Nice life hack. You should enter this in the Hack Your Day contest .