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 Here is a neat little project i made with my  daughter  Cassidy  for mothers day.
  Its a  Bird feeder made  a slinky and  either a piece of thick wire or you  can use a  coat hanger .

My name is Cassidy  I made this bird feeder with my dad for my mom for mothers day.
  My dad found this idea from and made it in my dads garage.
I got to use pliers,bend wire into a circle ,spray paint.
I got to work on a  project with my dad and surprise my mom  for mothers day.

Step 1: Materials

 1~ can black Rustoleum  paint

2~  A good 4 feet of thick wire

3~ 1 pair of needle nose plyers

4~ 2  Original  metal slinkys

5~ 2 bags of shelled peanuts

Step 2: Proper Slinky Inspection

The first thing you need to do is to have a qualified inspector to make sure the slinky is in proper working order ...  Cassidy   did a great job of that ...

Step 3: Making the Loop

1st  step~ is to  bend the wire into a 12'' wide  circle which you  can use a metal can to wrap it around to get the shape.
2nd step~ is to  bend a  hook at the top of the circle you just made to use as a hanger for the feeder .
3rd step~ is to bend a small hook at the other of of the wire so it will latch together to complete the circle.

4th step~ is to bend a small hook on each end of the slinky so it will latch on the wire on both ends.
5th step~ Next  is to feed the slinky around the wire and then hook both ends of the slinky to the wire at the top.

Step 4: Painting

 Next is to take  the feeder outside and give  it a few light coats of black paint .

Step 5: Finished Feeder

 Now just hang it up on your favorite pole and fill it with   peanuts in the shell  and enjoy . 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cassidy, awesome Instructible!!!! I love feeding birds, and will definitely have to give this a try. (I'll bet the sneaky old squirrels will love it too!!!)

    3 replies

    Actually the squirrels are not as much a bother is those darn black birds... The squirrels are keeping them away so yay for the squirrels lol

    Here, the squirrels are a bigger problem than the blackbirds! They drive my chihuahuas NUTS....and there are more squirrels!

    Did you know that squirrels tease & taunt dogs??? Yes, they do!

    my dad says he has some ideas for it to make it a little easier to load the peanuts .He said let him know when you are ready and he will explane it to you k