Cast Concrete Lizard and Frog





Introduction: Cast Concrete Lizard and Frog

Cast concrete lizard and frog, with hand blowing glass eyes.  First I started out with carving a clay positive of the critter (photo#6) , than I sprayed it with a two part rubber.  once I had the negative I made a solid rubber positive again (photo#7).  Now on top  of the rubber positive I was able to paint on many layers of latex rubber (photo#8), and before removing the latex rubber from the positive.  I made a 2 lb foam backer to support the latex rubber under the weight of the concrete (photo#9).  Now I had my mold, to witch I could cast concrete into (photo#10), but before that I had to make some hand blown glass eyes for the critters to come alive!  when it came to casting, it was a two person job, with an extreme amounts of fiber in my concrete mix, one person would hold the eyes in place while the other would work the concrete into all the little parts of the lizard or frog.  The following day I removed from the mold and trimmed of any concrete form the edges that were undesired, and followed with a concrete paint to the finish project (photo#11). 



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    Oh, my gosh! I came with a vote in hand, but...but...
    Please, please post an Instructable for this. I am in love! Great job!

    P.S. How on earth is he stuck to the chimney? :-)

    1 reply

    Thank you everyone for your interest,
    During the casting I placed a 8" chunk of rebar with 5" sticking out.
    Next I drilled a hole in the brick wall installed the critter and tuck pointed masonry cement to bond it to the wall.

    Ditto, what cobourgdave said.

    Also, more details on what two part rubber you used and how you were able to spray it on.

    Like cobourgdave said, we're not criticizing. In fact, just the opposite. We're REALLY INTERESTED in what you did!

    These are very cool, I' love to see process photo's sometime of a full on step-by-step! Thanks for sharing!

    Wow, they're impressive - could you do a step-by-step?

    These are beautifully done, your artistry is exceptional. What I would love to see you include in your instructable is a series of photos that show how you did it. For example, your concrete mix, which you describe as full of fibre; how much Portland, how much fibre, how much aggregate, or did you use plastic bead? I would really appreciate some images of  the rubber positive and the foam plastic armature you poured (?)  to keep the you added concrete. The mental image I have is you pressed a mortar mix into the positive, to solidify the body and someone else held the body and the glass eyes in place to maintain the shape. Such excellent work deserves a bit more explanation. This is NOT a CRITICISM ! I am in awe of your project and would love to emulate it.