Casting Aluminum Billets for Lathe Turning

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VIDEO ABOVE, just click on the PLAY BUTTON in center of the lower image

Demonstrating The Casting of Aluminum Billets for 12” Craftsman Commercial Lathe. Aluminum Stock For Turning On A Lathe Can Be Quite Expensive. Here I Use My Backyard Foundry Furnace To Cast Up Nine Billets Of Various Sizes For Use In Projects For My Sears Craftsman 12 x 36” Atlas Lathe Using Aluminum I Already Had On Hand But Was Not The Correct Shape For Lathe Work.

As Always…..Thanks For Watching!

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    2 years ago

    I use cutoff tube sections from things like gas spring lift stools as molds, works great just support it in a coffee can of ordinary sand, no need to plug the bottom either. I got the inspiration from this guy:

    As usual, you put up a nice video. ☺

    1 reply

    Thanks Hank :), Yes, Rob over at the Xynudu channel on YT is a good guy. If I had some suitable pipe around I might have done the same. I just got done turning them all down to perfect cylinders. No avoiding waste regardless of what ya do! LOL