Casting Lead Into a Match Box and a Paper Tube




Introduction: Casting Lead Into a Match Box and a Paper Tube

That's a very short note about how I melted lead this weekend.

Step 1: Using Paper for Casting

I had some cable and battery lead, so I've decided to make several ingots. Lead instead of such metals as aluminum or for instance, brass has very low melting point 327.5 С° (621 F°). Therefore, even a paper can be a mold. I used 3 match boxes and a paper tube. Lead cool very quickly and paper doesn't burn out. Of course, such moulds can be used only once.

Step 2: Paper Tube Mold

It was the same process with a tube. The only difference is that tube didn't have a bottom, so I had to put it in the sand. Therefore, if you need to melt some lead even a paper will fit you.



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    what are you using for your heat source? I like it!

    1 reply

    Hi camalo171. I use gasoline torch (blow lamp). It allows to get high temperature and very quickly. You can see black round handle on the torch. This is a handle of a small pump. It's used to pump the air and make a pressure inside the torch. That's how it works.

    "First"- I gave you a like up on YT also. ☺

    I know it's only ingots you are casting, but if one wanted more precise rectangles say from the matchboxes, sinking or embedding them into your sand would buttress the shape in a more uniform manner.

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    Thanks for the like on Youtube Hank! :) You're definitely right. Lead of course is a very heavy and density metal, so it damages matchboxes not only because of temperature. I thought about what you said before melting but decided that there was no need to make them very beautiful :). Though you suggestion is right if it's important to get precise form.