Casting Motorcycle Clutch and Brake Lever




a previous attempt. doesnt look nice, but it works fine. function over form anyday

Step 1: The Sand Cast

I prepared a cast from clay, sand and cement. placed on a wooden frame. the original lever made detailed impression on the mud.
Notice the vent made by the two halves. That is the sprew

Step 2: The Furnace

my furnace is a pot with a hole on the bottom. a portable fan blows air into it and the fire grows. I used broken pistons and other motorcycle parts

Step 3: The Molding

after melting, I poured the hot metal into the sand cast. The levers look promising

Step 4: Processing of the Casts

After a bit of filing down with a flat file and drilling, Im quite happy with the result. i will go ahead and polish the metal

Step 5: Rejects

even a zero dollar budget project needs standards. This cast did not the pass and was put back in the fire



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    1 year ago

    Nice try, though for something like this it probably is more worthwhile to go for the Ebay special these days.

    These look really great and it is a really cool way you made the mold!


    Nice casting job. You did a good a good job of replicating the shape.