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I would like to point out that this is still under development in some areas, but have fun looking around Castle British's many halls.

Step 1: The Southern Gate

This is the southern gate guarding the south borders. The guard barracks are adjacent from the gate.

Step 2: Barracks

Two floors of adequate living space for Castle British's local garrison.

Step 3: The Golden Tankard

The castles local pub and brewery. Complete with tables, chairs and fresh alcohol.

Step 4: Real Estate

Venture around the many comfortable living accommodations situated around the castle.

Step 5: Training Centre

Welcome to British's training centre, complete with archery areas, and sword arenas.

Step 6: Leaf's Head Library

Delve into knowledge through Leafs' head library. Stacks of books held high, with a complete quiet reading room situated below.

Step 7: Manor House

One of the current developing establishments, luxurious homing for the rich and famous.

Step 8: Cobblestone Hall

The centre of power in the castle grounds. Throne room and halls currently under refurbishment.

Step 9: Guard Towers

4 of the secure defence quarters surrounding the castle. Named Maple tower, Winter tower, Elder tower and Summer tower. All complete with upper observation platforms, and stairs leading to outside doors for easier departure.



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    5 years ago

    That is very good, but i have to wait for the update which will allow buckets, but I'll do the waterfall + moat when I can cheers :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    how about a cascading waterfall that feeds a moat around the castle


    5 years ago

    I would be very grateful for any further ideas I could put into the castle