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Please make a bag in the end of the year.

(This bag is awkward to use.)

I tried to make it ,because I love the design.

This design I was thinking at the end of October.

For those who want to make this strange bag.

I was prepared DWG data for people who want to make this strange bag.

Please make if you are interested, and edit to your size.


I wish you a Happy New Year !

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Step 1: Parts Cutting

I used parts thickness "2.0mm"

Step 2: Adhesion and Sewing

Hand sewing

Machine sewing

Either OK

■grip root ■

Please bonded while curve on the inside.

Step 3: Tips

I want to divert cat ears back.

 →It will lengthen the front cover.

cover has no depth.

 →It will narrow the side depth

・back view

・Let's draw and measure the amount extending the curve

see you :-)



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    3 years ago

    Good looking bag!!! Thank you and a happy new year!

    1 reply