Cat Business-card Holder / Cardcase



I had small pieces of black leather. I didn't know really what to do with them.

I also was needing a case to my travelling card (the card I use to pay in bus .. idk how to say it in English but anyway..) I was looking in the net and those cases were like 8-15€. Then I got that idea to make this little cute case by myself.


Step 1: Take Up Your Materials, and Follow Martha Stewart´s Instruction

Okay yes, I´m going to only tell you how I made the cat parts. I think Martha has good tutorial for the basic case. Just follow it! Come back here after you made that with Martha's instructions.

Link to Martha Stewart's instruction!

Btw I used button and ribbon for the closing part, you can do it however you like!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Parts for the Cat

Pieces I put into my cat:

Eyes (3 layers, the yellow base, black parts and white dots)

Ears and the inside parts (they are not in this pic, they were reflective fabric)

Nose and whiskers

In this pic I haven't made the case ready, order doesn't really matter .. :)

Step 3: Get Everything Together

You can use glue or attach them however you feel like!

Hope you can understand my English, it might be bad because I'm from Finland ♥



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