Cat Cap - Gringer Style (Motu)

Introduction: Cat Cap - Gringer Style (Motu)

I used green and orange wool.

The ear flaps are knitted with 2 needles (5-6 mm) and the rest with 5 (5-6mm) needles.

Ear Flaps: (two)

Cast on 6 stitches using long tail cast on and dpns. Purl next row to set up.
Row 1 (RS): kfb, knit until last stitch, kfb Row 2 (WS): k2, purl until last two stitches, k2 Repeat these two rows until you have 22 stitches

Row 1 (RS): knit
Row 2 (WS): k2, purl until last two stitches, k2 Repeat these two rows 8 (10, 12) times. This will produce long ear flaps. If you’d like them shorter then repeat fewer rows. End with Row 1

After the first ear flap is finished, cut the yarn leaving a tail about 8” long. For the second ear flap knit the last row using the circular needle, do not cut the yarn. Instead, move onto assembling the brim.

Assembling the Brim:

This hat is assembled so that the front is wider than the back, helping ensure that the ear flaps are positioned properly. Further, the cable cast on (while tight when knitting into the first row after casting on) helps keep the brim from rolling up.

With the ear flap on the circular needle, cast on 26 stitches using a cable cast on.

Join and knit along the remaining ear flap, making sure that the remaining ear flap is oriented so that you knit along the right side of the piece (i.e. you’re not knitting across the purled side). Use the tail of yarn from the ear flap to knit the next 4-5 stitches to help the join. Continue and cast on 22 stitches. Total stitches on needles before joining: 84.

Transfer last cast on stitch to the left hand needle and k2tog to join in the round, making sure that stitches aren’t twisted. Total stitches at end of round: 75 (83, 91).

Next Round: Knit across ear flap, k2tog at small gap that was created by the cable cast on. Repeat at the start and finish of the next ear flap, for a total of three decreases. By doing this, the join at the ear flaps and across the remainder of the brim are stronger. Total stitches at end of round: 72 (80, 88).

Place marker at end of this round.

Body of the Hat:

Knit all rounds, slipping the stitch marker. Knit until the body is 7” or more from the brim

A general rule of thumb for the height of the body of the hat before beginning decreases is to place your thumb where you want the hat to sit and your fingers back over your head. It will likely be your index or middle finger that reaches your crown. The distance between your thumb and your finger is how long you want the body of the hat to be before you begin decreases. So feel free to knit more or less so that the hat fits you!

Crown of the Hat:

Begin decrease rounds at the stitch marker. Switch to dpns when needed.


cast on 13 stichtes. Knitt for 10 rows. Than start decrease the first and the last stitch of row 11, 13, 14 .... till you have the ear point you want.

attach the ears to the body.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    This is so cute! Do you have a photo that shows the ear flaps a little better?