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Introduction: Cat Door Bell

About: I'm that guy from that place who built those things

A simple door bell for that special kitty in you life.

1 cheap wooden shelf ($12)
1 cheap wooden shoe rack ($3)
1 cheap wireless door bell ($15)
1 small spring (free out of broken toy)
3 2" nails
1 plastic boot mat ($2)
Glue or epoxy ($3)

Step one

Assemble shelf.   Take top rack off shoe rack, place on shelf mark for lay out of door bell switch, spacer blocks and spring.

Step two

Fasten Switch, blocks and place rack on top and fasten with nails. 

Note: Drill pilot holes for nails so the wood doesn't split.

Step Three

Glue boot mat on rack, this is to stop the cat from slipping between the rack spaces.

Step Four

Install spring, You might need to shorten spring to adjust the pressure needed to activate the switch.  Take wire cutters and clip as necessary.  You need just enough to keep the switch and rack apart when no weight is on.

Step Five

Placement.  I put mine under the window that's close to the door, the cats responded to the placement well.  Your cat will be the defining factor on placement.

This works so great for my cats,  as they want inside they jump on the door bell. 

lol and my step is slanted for drainage so my set up looks twisted

Note: you can also just make it out of just the shoe rack, so its lower to the ground.  my cats like it high by the window.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, thanks! Sometimes the magnets don't work on the electric dog doors and I fear the cats will get stuck out in the cold! (the dogs, too!)


    Love it! My current cats are all indoor, but this would have been great for the last two. It might be possible to adapt it for the dog, who does not bark but just looks hopefully at the door when he needs in or out.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    don't forget to vote for me at the top of the page lol
    thank you


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    with a few mods you can turn a door mat into a door bell