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Greetings from Portland, OR

I have build this cat enclosure so I can put the stinky litter box outside.

I have used reclaimed wood and hardware for this project. I only spent money on chicken wire, nails and screws. The roofing materials were also free.

it's 7' long, 4' deep and 6' high.
It has a door to access.

I used chicken wire on the front and sides. At the back, I re-used chain link fence found at the curb.

it took me about 3 weekends of moderate work to build it.

Thanks for watching.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You may want to put the cat box itself inside a box for those rainy days (if you haven't already). As it stands now, it looks like it might get soggy, which would make for an unhappy cat.

    That being said, I bet your cat appreciates the outdoor space.

    2 replies

    You could use window plastic covers and staple them around for winter months. Astroturf for the flooring may help. Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing!