Cat Furniture IKEA Hack

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Intro: Cat Furniture IKEA Hack

If you were a cat you'd love using this a whole lot more than pooping in a dark enclosed cave full of terrors.

All of the bins become handy storage compartments for other cat stuff, and they get a nice little place to perch and laze on!

Full build (as shown above) runs under 60$!

Step 1: Buy TROFAST

Buy & assemble the TROFAST. Build time about 1 hour if you're doing it by yourself.

It measures: 39x17 3/8x37 "

  • Shelving unit - about 40$
  • Medium bins = 4$ each
  • Small bins = 2$ each
  • Lids = .75 cents each

*note: large bins are available for other models; ignore them

Step 2: Insert the Bins

I used two of the wide bins as the poop-boxes, and the smaller ones to hold other cat accessories like trash bags, the pooper-scoop, deodorizing sprays, collars, etc.

I will actually replace the two small bins in the far right with a large bin in order to store extra clean litter (hence the lid!) The litter bins were not actually put on the handles because the weight would likely cause warping. Plus, those bins don't need to be suspended in the first place.

With this type of bin-coordination it leaves the kitties with their own poop-bin and plenty of head space. They are a bit cramped when using it but they don't seem to mind. My cats are a little dumb and don't know how to bury their business but I noticed an improvement. Maybe because they don't have too much extra room they finally understand to paw at the sand instead of the wall.

I may make some kind of curtain-attachment for it so it's not quite so exposed.

When/if that happens I'll update!



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    5 months ago

    What a brilliant idea! Thanks a lot