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About: Hi there, my name is Katarina and I've been an IT technician at Rapid PC Rescue for over 10 years. Apart from being an IT technician I'm also a DIY and crafts enthusiast. I love to learn new things and tech...

Recently we adopted a kitten and I thought it would be really cool if he had his own cat highway.

Because we already had a wooden wall with a shelf in our lounge I only needed to make a short shelf for our kitten to walk onto. I wanted to make it more interesting for him and give him another place to hide so I decided to use an old Christmas tree as "bushes / greenery".

For this project I mainly used old cupboard doors for the shelf, unused Christmas tree for the bushes and birthday/Christmas cards for the flowers.

Step 1: Prep the Shelves

For the shelves I used a couple of old cupboard doors, which I rid of the vinyl since it was cracked all over.

With a jigsaw cut whichever wood you're using into 4 longer pieces (or however many you might need for your wall) which will be used for the shelves, one smaller piece (22cm x 22cm) which will be the turning point (not needed if your shelf is wide enough) and a larger piece with two side pieces (31cm x 31cm) for the bed. Sand all over.

Step 2: Assembly

Glue the shelf pieces together if needed, attach the shelf brackets and paint if desired. Glue and screw the side pieces onto the bed piece.

Step 3: Attaching the Shelves

Attach the shelves onto the wall and watch your kitty explore. Don't forget to use appropriate wall plugs ;)

Step 4: O Christmas Tree

Disassemble the Christmas tree and attach a couple of branches to the turning point. Screw the turning point and the bed onto the shelf.

Step 5: O Christmas Tree

Carry on attaching the branches with cable clips throughout the length of the shelves.

Step 6: Flowers

Print out the template attached to this step, glue it onto one of the birthday/Christmas card and cut out (this will be used as a template for the rest). Trace the flower pieces onto the cards and cut out. Curve each petal around a pen. Make two holes into the bottom flower piece and thread a wire through. Glue the flower pieces together with hot glue.

Step 7: More Flowers

Affix the flowers onto the branches. I ended up making about 35 flowers to cover the length of the shelves.

Step 8: Nap Time

Make a cardboard box roughly 29cm x 29cm. Slide on and glue pipe insulation around the edges of the box to make it comfier. Glue in a piece of blanket larger than the box just under the pipe insulation on the inside leaving one of the sides open. Insert ample amount of pillow filling and glue in the fourth side. Glue on the blanket on the outside of the box and trim off leftovers.

Step 9: Final Thoughts

I'm very happy with how it turned out and I think our kitten Loki is as well. He really likes to hide in the "bushes" or just watch over us from up there. The only thing I would change is the shelf brackets. They are a little bit of an eye sore so I might change them later :D



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    6 Discussions

    Miss Sutherby

    8 months ago


    You're seriously talented.!

    Love the flowers you made.Was thinking could these be made in fabric? I've been thinking of making pom poms from neon pink netting fabric, but don't know how, any ideas?

    Your ideas are inspirational! Thank you for sharing

    1 reply
    nerdyKatMiss Sutherby

    Reply 8 months ago

    I think you should be able to make the flowers from fabric, if they end up too flimsy you could always use mod podge or fabric starch on the fabric. As for the netting fabric I never play with it so couldn't really advise you. Thank you for your lovely comment ;)


    9 months ago

    Kitties just love to be up high (above us in so many ways) and yours looks very happy up there. The embellishments are fun and creative! This is a very good Instructable, with clear directions, lots of good photos, AND a very handsome kitty. (my kitty and I agree this should be a winner, and we voted)

    Since you're not thrilled with the look of the brackets (but Loki doesn't seem to have any objection), maybe paint them to blend in with the wall, or add some dangly sprigs of Christmas tree or ribbons etc to make them less noticeable, or perhaps string some fairy lights on the wall right under the shelves. Just be sure they're on the wall and not near the edge of the shelves, so Loki can't reach them. In any case, he looks quite happy with the brackets just the way they are!

    1 reply

    Reply 9 months ago

    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions, I might go with a paint for now and will see if it still bothers me ;)

    nerdyKatPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 9 months ago

    Thank you Nicole, I think he is going to be a very spoiled kitty very soon :D