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My inspiration comes from Lickety Stik or a similar product I bought. It's a deodorant shaped bottle with gravy inside that you hold upside down to let your cats have a treat.

While it's a great product that I would highly recommend, I wanted to improve upon it in a few ways.

First, to use Lickety Stik and the like, you have to stand there holding it upside down so that the treat flows down the ball. I'm lazy. I don't want to stand there for 2 minutes, much as I love my cats.

Second, I don't know how hygienic it is since you can't really "clean" it aside from the wiping the ball. I'd rather not wipe gravy up anyhow.

Third, I wanted to fill it with my own kitty concoction as I could make it inexpensively. It's not that expensive, but I could make one for a lot less.

In fact, I will publish another Instructable called Cat Liquor which I will link to once it's done. It's a homemade gravy, of sorts.

Step 1: Materials

1 ping pong ball

1 toy shell from a gumball machine that is just a bit bigger than the ping pong ball.

1 small sheet of plastic wrap

1 package of Fimo polymer clay

1 Crystal Head Vodka skull shot glass

1 Sharpie

Note: There are other ways to make this. The main thing is the ping pong ball and toy shell. I made a quick prototype using a small tealight holder and hotglue.

The problem was that it kept sliding and lifting up as they licked, so I wanted to get something a bit heavier and more stable.

I also want to try it make it using clear resin, but I didn't have any on hand.

Step 2: Cover the Shell in Plastic Wrap

If you're using Fimo like I am, this is important because the shell gets stuck when forming. Since it needs to be baked, you want to take out the plastic.

So, take the plastic wrap and stretch it over the shell. This makes it smooth and helps hold it into place.

Take the excess and tuck it inside the shell.

Step 3: Fill It Fimo and Press the Shell to Form an Bowl

Since this shot glass had a lot of nooks and crannies, I took small amounts and pressed it in them making sure to fill it in.

When I got close to the bowl shape I wanted, I pressed in the plastic wrapped shell. I then pressed the Fimo around it and smoothed it out as best I could.

I pulled the plastic wrap open and gently popped out the shell. Then, I discarded the plastic wrap and was left with a perfect bowl shape.

Step 4: Bake It According to Instructions

I noticed later that the Fimo shrank a little so the shell didn't sit exactly the same as before. That was actually okay because it makes removing the shell a lot easier.

Be careful with the shot glass as it is hot. Do not set it on a cold surface as the temperature shock could crack it. I let mine cool on the rack while I did the next step.

Step 5: Making the Brain!

This is totally an optional step. As you can see, the ink does bleed a bit, but I figure that it's not poisonous and looks cool. I've licked off Sharpie ink before. Plus my cats are still alive.

To make a brain pattern, Google a brain drawing and follow the general shapes. Here's how I did mine.

  1. Draw a thin line down the center of the ball - you can see the seam if you hold it to the light.
  2. Imagine a soft maze with the distance between any line being a set distance.
  3. At any t-junction, fill it in with a triangle of sorts to make the fold look soft and rounded.
  4. Make it symmetrical along the center line.
  5. Wash it and smear the ink to give it a bit of a grey blue color.

Step 6: Pop in the Shell and Fill It With Cat Liquor!

I'll have another Instructable showing how to make cat liquor. It only takes a small amount.

You put it in, turn the ball a little so that they can taste it, and the rest is a go! They love it and I feel so happy that I can give them a low calorie treat that they don't immediately gobble down.

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    13 Discussions


    6 months ago

    Wouldn't the ink come off?


    1 year ago

    This is a very clever and cute idea! I like it!


    1 year ago

    cannot find your cat liquor recipe anywhere


    1 year ago

    This is awesome! I'm inspired and will let you know how it turns to find me a skull shot glass...


    2 years ago

    when are you going to post cat liquor?


    2 years ago



    2 years ago

    This is fantastic! I have two cats that go nuts for the gravy in canned food, so I know they'd love this :D

    Busy Hands

    2 years ago

    Great idea, I love it! I'm headed out for the supplies as soon as I post this comment!

    1 reply
    pojkenBusy Hands

    Reply 2 years ago

    I tried making a cat pudding of sorts, but one of the cats doesn't like it. I need to figure out how best to do it. In the meantime, I suggest looking for one of those cat pudding products from GimCat to put in it. Both of my cats likes them.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! I'm going to try it with clear resin next week. Will give these to a friend.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Let me know how it turns out! :) When you get a shell, make sure it's not too big. If it's too big, the cat will just lick around it and it'll be done in seconds.

    In fact, maybe save and cut the packaging that the ping pong ball comes in.