Cat Litterbox Trunk




Homemade trunk to hide litter box.

Step 1: The Build

Unfortunately I did not take many pictures during the construction of this box but here is the narrative version.

I made a box out of relatively low grade plywood after taking measurements. I cut dadoes into the walls for the dividers and 2 ends and used wood glue and an 18 gauge nail gun to fasten it all together. Next I bought some wainscoting panels and used construction adhesive to glue the wainscoting to the already constructed box.

I made the trunk have an entrance area intended to make our cat walk over a catch mat. Next is the litter box area with a high sided litter box. Finally a 3rd area for a litter genie. There are also many places in the box to hide oder releasers.

Step 2:

I then measured all of the box edges and miters and cut 1 x 1/2 pine strips to finish the trim. I used a think wood strip to figure out the curve of the entrance and cut that with a scroll saw and cut the trim pinches on the band saw.

Step 3: Lid

To complete the box I cut a piece of MDF to size and finished the sides with strips of 1/4 in pine fastened with glue and pin nails. I used trunk hinges and lid supporters to keep the lid open when cleaning. To complete the entire box, I coated the entire box with white paint and used caulk to fill all the joints. This was don't to make it easier to clean. I also cut a vent hole int he box above the litter box and added a filter screen.

Step 4: Home Sweet Home

Lastly I cut out our little guys name out of MDF on the band saw. I made a paper template and drew the name freehand then transferred it to MDF. I glued and squeezed the pieces together to fill the kerf gaps. Then I spray painted it and used double sided tape to attach it.

On a side note, we recently got a puppy, and the box has worked well to keep Oscar's food and water on top to keep the puppy from eating it.



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Pretty cool! I would definitely put some small LED lighting in there though, it would be pretty dark in there during the day, but possibly too dark at night with no light getting in there, then kitty will find somewhere else to go at night:/ a side note to possible builders, some cats wont use enclosed litter boxes if you dont clean them daily! (Hey, I wouldnt either! Stinky!! Hehe;)
    Cool design though!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the praise. The toy box idea is a good one. Our cat is not finicky. He goes in there at all times and started using it the first day. It's been great. The front "hallway" in it really traps a lot of litter from ending up on the floor in the bathroom. Also our dog can't get to the litter.


    2 years ago

    I love this!!! Too bad I am the complete opposite of handy!!!


    2 years ago

    I think someone with less developed carpentry skills might also be able to use an already constructed toy box or chest. Great idea! I hate having the box open to the public, as there is no ideal spot for it.


    2 years ago

    Excellent idea!!!!! I like the way that you have the letterbox hidden in plain site AND the food and water out of the floor:)